Exclusive Party Wishlist

A complete system will enable you to host parties, listen to music, watch movies and enjoy at the best your yacht's potential!


HI-FI Audio

An integrated system allows unmatched Sound Pressure Level

Lights and Effects

Lights, lasers, smoke machine.. Anything can add a disco flavour to your parties


Led floor panels to transform your main salon into a real discoclub

Pro DJ console

Professional console with custom case and fast setup

Giga Displays

Supersized displays for both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Cinema on board

Gigantic indoor displays with top level audio


KEYNETIC HDS (High Dynamic Sound)HI-VOLUMEHI-Sound pressure levelHI-FI

We have reached the top ratio between audio quality and sound pressure.Our ultimate integration of microdimensioned speakers and evolved amplification system makes it possible to achieve sound levels which equal those of disco clubs or live concerts.This tone accuracy mixed with power translates into a sound quality which makes you ask for more!Nonetheless, speaking of power, it results in being less energy consuming than standard audio systems with equal sound power.

- More Music- Less Space Needed- Less Energy Consumed



When party mood is ON, nothing equals music and lights!Apart for the fun side, all systems are recessed and hide when not in use with minimal activation required.We care about safety, so our laser light is certified to be underpowered in areas where it could cross someone's sight

- Recessed- Easy to set up- Safe



What about a real dancefloor for your main salon?You can choose between images, presets, timecoded animations.An extra slim solution we made suitable for maritime use.A Led floor only 7 cm thick, with safe always on mind: anti-slip surface, IP54 grade.

- Slim thickness- Safe- Water resistant

DJ Console


Our system is equipped with a professional Pioneer console: the most used by professionals worldwide.One single connector for easy and fast activation.You can have your console case customized with your own graphicsIn case no DJ is around we'll do without! automatic dj will take care of music and lights with presets and playlists

- Pro hardware- One cable- Self operating

Giga Displays


We have a solution for your Cinema whether you choose to enjoy it outdoor or indoor!You can have a 144" display fully unfolding on your bridge in less than 20 seconds.We can offer another stylish, hi-end solution with outdoor, weatherproof displays ranging between 42" and 100".If you prefer to take your seat in your main salon you can have a screen named "the wall"... quite a self explaining nameIn any case we will make them useful for your parties too.. with screen animation, your personal logo splash screen, and music synced graphics

- Fast operations- Personalized splash intro- Music synced animations

Cinema on board


Big indoor screens can be used to enjoy a real cinematic experience too.Bundled with active speakers you can give new meaning to the word "immersive".Full-wall displays do the rest...

- No size limits- Immersive experience- Hi-fi audio

Reach a higher level of funwith Keynetic HDS solutions