“An interdisciplinary science, that focuses on the study of technology capable of improving the quality of household life, and more generally speaking, in anthropic environments.”

Domotics is defined in many ways, and many times it’s not actually domotics, but instead, a small automation system.

The concept of domotics reaches out to the complete set of components that blend, interact and react to the demands of the customer giving him a full-control sensation and making complex operations simple and easy to use.


also defined GUI (Graphical User Interface)

The graphical interface allows the user to interact with the system, controlling the devices inserted in an easy and effective way.

We can customize the GUI graphics according to the customer preference.

Our goal is to provide a unique and charming user-experience, keeping the optimal functionality by following ergonomic principles.

This is the only way to enjoy our system in full. Our technical designers and graphic designers work in total synergy to achieve this goal and provide our costumers an enjoyable control system.